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Standards and Guidelines for Library Use

Patron Safety for Adults and Children;  Staff Responses to Inappropriate Actions 

The Rusk County Community Library strives to serve all ages of patrons well, in a friendly and helpful manner.  Library staff assists patrons of all ages, but they cannot take responsibility for personal items, possessions, or actions of persons who come to the library.  Given this reality, the library strongly suggests the following to all who visit us in this very busy place.

Do not leave personal items of any value unsupervised at any time.  The building is open to all, which means that people unknown to both patrons and the staff use the library.  The library will not be responsible for any stolen or lost items. 

Use reasonable caution when accessing the internet on the library computers.  While the library has very strong protections against web-based intrusions, we cannot protect users from in-person theft of information.  Leaving any information up on a computer screen for a period of time can compromise that information.  Please minimize the screen and lock access to your account if you must step away from the computer. 

If you are suspicious of someone’s behavior, do report this to the staff.  The staff can address issues when they are aware of them; we cannot address behaviors or problems which we cannot see from the circulation desk.  Please help us to keep the library a safe place for adults and children. 

The Rusk County Community Library encourages families and children to use its facilities.  However, when children are left unattended, problems can arise. Young children may become frightened or confused and wander away. Older children cannot be expected to supervise small children for extended periods of time. Since the library is a public building, children might be approached by strangers. If an unattended child has a medical emergency, the library staff cannot take legal responsibility, except to contact the proper authorities. To protect children and others while using the library, the library adopts the guidelines listed below.

  • It is the responsibility of a child’s parent, legal guardian, or caregiver to supervise the activities and behavior of the child while the child is in the library building or on the library premises. Caregivers must be able to effectively supervise children, must not leave children unattended, and must be able to provide contact information for the child’s parent or guardian. The library staff reserves the right to determine whether or not a caregiver is able to supervise children in the library.
  • Parents or caregivers of preschool children must stay in the library building while the child is in the library.
  • Older children may use the library unattended provided they are able to maintain proper library behavior. Some behaviors and instances that may be cause for staff to contact the parent/guardian or other proper authorities. include fighting, vandalism, rough play, excessive noise, running, or misuse and/or disordering of library materials. Other behavior may also be included; these are examples to clarify what inappropriate behavior is.
  • Library staff may use their best judgment if they witness a child being improperly supervised and putting themselves or anyone else in an unsafe situation.
  • The library reserves the right to contact parents, guardians, or the proper authorities if minors require supervision, are left unattended during the day, or are unchaperoned at library closing time.
  • At closing, if a child who is fifteen-years-old or younger is left unattended in the library and a guardian cannot be contacted or does not arrive within fifteen minutes, law enforcement officials will be contacted and a note will be left on the door of the library for the guardian.  A staff member will wait with the child until proper authorities arrive.  
  • If a child becomes ill or injured and a guardian cannot be contacted, proper authorities will be contacted. 
  • This information is posted in the library building:  “At library closing time, a parent or guardian whose minor children have not been picked up will be telephoned. If there is no response to the call, the police will be contacted.”


Cell Phone Usage:

Because Rusk County Community Library provides an environment welcoming to all users, we request that everyone set cell phones and pagers to vibrate or turn them off before entering the Library. If you need to answer your phone or to make a call, please be courteous and use the lobby. The library staff may use the break area to use cell phones, and groups using meeting rooms may set their own guidelines.

Firearms and other Weapons:

It is the policy of the Rusk County Community Library Board of Trustees that no firearms or other weapons (concealed or otherwise) are permitted in the Library building (both levels), except for firearms carried by authorized law enforcement personnel, or those firearms used for training by certified firearm safety instructors while conducting safety courses. This policy shall be prominently posted per State of Wisconsin law at all building entrances.

The signs show a picture of a handgun and a knife within a barred circle and say:

No weapons are allowed in this building, per Library Board policy.

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