Room Rental Rates

Meeting Room Rental

Lower Level :  Rental rates and general information

Rooms are available to be rented from 6:00am to 10:45pm.  You can check the availability of the rooms by going to the schedule on our homepage or by clicking here Lower Level Schedule.  Rooms may be booked online by clicking “Request a Room” or by calling the library at 715-532-2604.

Bloedow Room-This room holds 99 people.  It offers a small stage and a kitchen with a sink, microwave and refrigerator.  There is a serving window in the kitchen also access to the hall.  This room has a movable chalkboard, projection screen, television and DVD player. All rooms have chairs and tables available for set up.

O’Connor Room-The O’Connor Room holds 99 people.  This room has a room divider/privacy curtain, chalkboard, television and DVD player.  All rooms have chairs and tables available for set up.

East Room- The East Room holds 99 people.  There is a sink, moveable chalk/marker board, projection screen, television, and DVD player.  All rooms have chairs and tables available for set up.

Not-For-Profit Groups and Government Agencies
$5.00 per room/half day (6 hours or less).
$10.00 per room/full day (over 6 hours).

All Other Parties
$10.00 per hour/per room.
$25.00 up to six hours/per room.
$50.00 for more than 6 hours/per room.

There is a $10.00 refundable key deposit.   You will need to come in beforehand to fill out the Lower Level User Agreement and pick up a key.  We ask that you pick up your key no more than a three days before your scheduled meeting and return it promptly afterwards. 

When advertising your event please remember to note it is in the LOWER LEVEL of the Library and Meeting Room entrance & Parking is in the Lower Level by the Lake.

Lower Level User Agreement

1.  Do NOT prop any doors open.  Use provided duct/masking tape to “unlock” the door by placing tape over the latch. 

2.  Close all windows, turn off lights and remove tape and secure all doors before leaving the building.

3.  Sweep as needed and wipe up any spills on the floor to prevent accidents.  Broom and dustpan provided in hallway.

4.  Remove and properly dispose of any trash generated.

5.  Return all furniture and equipment to its original location.

6.  User will furnish own disposable/recyclable products, such as paper plates, napkins, cups, toweling, plastic ware, etc.

7.  Clean sinks and counter tops in kitchenette, if used by organization.

8.  Alcohol, tobacco and illegal substances are not to be used on the premises during allotted times, by members of the group.

9.  No unlawful activity allowed in the community rooms and adjoining premises.

10.  Do not engage in the direct sale of goods or services for private gain on the premises, except as part of a craft fair or similar event held in conjunction with a public even not more than once per quarter and at least 10% of the proceeds of which are donated to a local charitable organization or to a facility or program operated by the city or county.

11.  Return keys promptly to the library or in the designated drop box near the book return.

12.  User will pay for any damages or breakage that may occur during use.

Please click here for the full Meeting Room Policy