Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Policy

Rules and Policies for the Lower Level Rooms of the Rusk County Community Library

User Fees

 1.  Those conducting programs in conjunction with the Rusk County Community Library will not be charged a fee.

2.  Official meetings of the City or County, their departments/employees will not be charged fees for official departmental meetings.   

3.  Non-governmental groups or organizations shall pay fees as stated below for use of one or more of the Community Rooms.


$5.00 per room/half day (6 hours or less).

$10.00 per room /full day (over 6 hours)



$10 per hour/per room

$25 up to 6 hours/per room

$50 for more than 6 hours/per room  

The above fees are to cover operating and maintenance costs, but will also address the costs of long-term maintenance.

Ineligible Uses 

1. Unlawful purposes or acts.

2. Use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances on the premises.


Preference: The Rusk County Community Library shall have preference for all room use.  The Library shall make all possible efforts to identify times, dates, and room locations with 1 month's notice.  After Library programs are scheduled, City and County functions will be scheduled before the public at large.  

Cause for Termination of Use

1. Failure to make a reasonable effort to clean up or remove excessive trash generated by any individual or group.

2. Excessive noise.

3. Use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances on the premises.

4. Unlawful use or acts.  

Periods of Use

Except as noted under Preference, above, one or more room(s) may be booked through the staff at the Rusk County Community Library on a first come‑first served basis as recorded on an official use calendar. 

a. Hourly‑1-2 hours per day, but no more than five consecutive days.

b. By the half day (up to 6 hours), but no more than five consecutive days, or not more than once weekly on a continuing basis. 

c. By the day (more than 6 hours) but no more than five consecutive days, or not more than once weekly on a continuing basis.

RCCL may approve other arrangements in writing, such as standing monthly meetings on recurring days and times.


Access to the Community Rooms shall be by key, which will be signed out and returned by a responsible party, i.e. a person 18-years or older.  If a user fails to return a key due to a loss or other causes, such user shall be required by the RCCL to pay for replacement, including changing the locks if that is deemed warranted. 

Equipment use

Furnishings and equipment shall be returned to the original location following its approved use. Users shall pay for any damage. 

Personal Property Storage

Personal property shall not be stored on the Library premises.  RCCL is not responsible for personal items used or left on the premises or property.

User Responsibilities

1. Users must furnish their own disposable products for their activity, such as paper plates, napkins, cups, toweling, plastic ware, etc.  The use of recyclables is strongly encouraged.

2.  All users must sweep the floors, as needed, and wipe up all spills on the floor to prevent accidents.

3.  All users must lock doors as they leave the building at the end of their scheduled time, and must return keys to the designated key drop-box.

4.  All users are responsible for keeping alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances off RCCL premises during their allotted times.  This includes ensuring that individuals stay the legally-determined distance from the building for any smoking.

All users must sign a User Agreement before or at the time a reservation is booked. By signing this agreement, the user accepts the responsibilities specified above. 

The user agreement form should be filled out at the library when the fees are paid.  

January 1, 2011; revised April 11, 2017.

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