Board Information & Policies

Board & Policy Information


The Library Board meetings are held at 5 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month, at the library.

Board Members

Janet Platteter                Mark Platteter (City Council)         Cindy Pholman           Stan Schmit   

Leah Fuse                  Randy Tatur--Chair (County Board)                        unfilled as of July 2018


  1. Mission Goals & Statements
  2. Standards and Guidelines for Library Use
  3. Services of the Library
  4. Responsibilities & Authorities of the Library Board
  5. Volunteers & Friends
  6. Personnel Policy
  7. Material Selection/Collection Development Policy
  8. Circulation Policy
  9. Fines, Damaged Materials, Lost Items, Refunds, and Waivers of Fines
  10. Reference Service Policy
  11. Programming Policy
  12. Public Relations Policy
  13. Equipment Use Policy
  14. Internet Use Policy
  15. Meeting Room Policy
  16. Displays & Exhibits Policy
  17. Public Notice Bulletin Board Policy
  18. Disaster Policy
  19. Review & Revision of Library Policies